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NOLA SHRM Board Position Descriptions



    (Scroll down for a list of NOLA SHRM Board Positions.  Click on the position for a full description)

    Thank you for your interest in becoming involved in your local SHRM-affiliated chapter.  Although each chapter Board has specific volunteer positions with corresponding position descriptions, here are some general requirements to consider before deciding to run for office.       

    • Be a chapter member in good standing.  You must also be a SHRM national member if the chapter is a 100% chapter (requires SHRM national membership to join the chapter locally) or if you are running for the office of Chapter President.  SHRM membership may also be required for other leadership roles as specified in the chapter’s bylaws.
    • Be an active Board member.  This includes attending chapter meetings and board meetings.  It also includes being prepared for Board meetings, asking critical questions, and helping the Board come to agreement in making decisions that affect chapter membership. 
    • Know or build your knowledge about your chapter, SHRM, and its governing bylaws.  Learn about SHRM and its role with your chapter.  “Fundamentals of Chapter Operations” is available online in the Volunteer Leaders’ Resource Center (VLRC) to assist you. 
    • Stay informed of HR and business trends and timely issues affecting your chapter.
    • Be a “volunteer evangelist” by promoting the benefits of chapter membership, SHRM Membership and SHRM Certification to fellow chapter members and other HR colleagues.  Provide specific examples as to how these have helped you progress personally and professionally in your own HR career.
    • Steer clear of activities that may appear to create a conflict of interest.  Follow the SHRM Code of Ethical and Professional Standards in Human Resource Management.
    • Be willing to provide contacts and resources to help your chapter grow and develop as an organization. 
    • Maintain confidentiality, as appropriate, of chapter Board issues and membership data.

    Some benefits of becoming a chapter Board member include:

    • The chance to make an impact and assist in the development of your chapter and the HR profession.
    • An opportunity to be recognized as a leader in the field of human resources.
    • The chance to develop and expand your leadership skills.
    •  Hours spent as a volunteer leader can be counted as Professional Development Credits (PDCs) towards SHRM recertification.
    • The opportunity to attend SHRM’s annual Volunteer Leaders’ Summit in November.  The registration fee and overnight accommodations are covered by SHRM for each chapter’s President or President-Elect (one per chapter.)  One additional chapter board member per chapter may also attend by paying the Summit registration fee and the cost of overnight accommodations.

    If you have any questions regarding this information or you would like to get more information about a specific board position, please contact your chapter president.

    Thanks again for considering the donation of your time and effort to assist your chapter become the best that it can be.  We congratulate you on your interest in serving your chapter and your profession.