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    2019 NOLA SHRM HR Book List

    The NOLA SHRM Board Members were inspired to put together our own reading list of some of the best-selling Human Resources, Business and Leadership books we read last year. Here is a selection of 9 must-reads that we think have the potential to transform your business and professional development and take it to the next level. Below are some of the reasons why we selected these books:

    • Adrienne Salvaggio recommends “Making a Difference” which she states is an easy read on how to motivate, engage and invigorate your team and yourself through purpose, passion and pride.
    • Amy Bakay recommends “HR on Purpose” because it’s a refreshing look at HR from an industry veteran, reminding us of why we chose HR, when it’s time to step away.
    • Patrick Morrison recommends “You are a Badass” because it takes an entertaining look at transformation from passive to active self and is very motivational.